Everyday we are bombarded by images of celebs and model who have been clearly airbrushed and edited to look as certain way.  Every “flaw” has been edited into oblivion and their bodies contorted into unrealistic ways that couldn’t support human life. 

It's no wonder woman all over the world look in the mirror and want to change every little thing about their bodies. 

The lies we are told can really make you believe there is only one type of beauty out there. But I'm here to tell you this is not true.

Here’s 5 beauty lies you need to stop listening to right now!

1. There's only one "type" of beauty 

Apparently Eurocentric features are the core to all beauty? 

Long story short, a few centuries back a bunch of dudes decided to define beauty by features found in western civilisation, like a small nose and fair skin.

But remember this is absolute crap and really show the flaws of the society we live in!

This only represents one out of many different types of beautiful women worldwide. We are all unique and should embrace our differences, because we are all beautiful!

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2. You're supposed to be hairless

I am blessed with a lot of hair and as a little girl, I had hair everywhere. I even rocked a mono until grade 6. Thanks mum!

The hair on our body is very normal and it’s there to protect us.

Yet we are told that having hair anywhere other than our heads is ugly, gross, or offensive.

All lies! The beauty industry makes a killing on hair removal products. Rock your hairy legs, arms, and private areas, if you want to. 

There is nothing unnatural about having hair. We are born with it and it's actually unnatural to remove it.

3. Your skin is meant to be flawless 24/7 

Having things like scars, acne, cellulite, veins, pigmentation and other skin conditions are considered unnatural? Lies!

They happen, and they are normal. Yes, there are things out there to help get rid of them. But love your body because it's beautiful and it can do amazing things.

If you just had a baby you might have a few scars or stretch marks. They are nothing to be ashamed of, and they are your reminder for being a boss who just delivered a baby!

But, hey if you want to try something to help your skin conditions then do it, if it makes you feel happy. But don’t be embarrassed by these skin conditions because they are totally natural, and we all have them.

4. You need to have a specific body type to be beautiful 

There are soo many different types of bodies and they come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, we only ever see one type of healthy body, and it’s usually tall, skinny and with abs.

We are all different and have different genes and "healthy" doesn’t look the same for every person. Plus we all the the same underneath our meat suits. 

Just remember there are sooo many different bodies out there! Different shapes and sizes which are beautiful and capable of amazing things. So, look after your body, because we only get 1Body for life.

And stop listening to these lies right NOW! 


Love youse! 

Clarissa @1Body
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