In this crazy world where old Vlad has started a War and we are still living with Covid (scary) - it’s easy to feel uncertain, especially about another big issue, like climate change. 

Chin up friends! We’ve got good news; there are still plenty of small ways that you can help tackle climate change by reducing your own carbon footprint.

Small changes to your lifestyle can make a difference. Don't believe me? Calculate your environmental footprint to see how much humans impact on the worlds resources. 

Pretty shocking right?

Don't worry, I have pulled together 4 easy lifestyle choices that can help protect and save the planet for future generations.

1. Skip the single-use plastics 

Did you know 8.8million tons of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans every year? Scary right? 😱

This plastic crap ends up endangering wildlife and pollutes the ecosystem.

It can be hard to reduce your impact because we are literally surrounded by plastic products everywhere.

Small things can help, like getting rid of single-use plastics from your daily life - heres how: 

  1. Invest in reusable shopping bags. 
  2. Buy a keep cup for your morning coffee. 
  3. Carry around a reusable water bottle. 

So say no to single-use plastics because small changes like this will help! 

2. Spend your moolah on sustainable businesses

Start supporting sustainable businesses like 1Body!

Choosing eco-friendly products that are sustainable will save you a lot of moolah! Why? Because eco-friendly products are made better.

So spend your cash on products that last longer – instead of wasting it on fast fashion that won’t.

Plus, there is still a lot of waste going to landfills and hurting the environment.

Thats why at 1Body, we make sure our products are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

All our products are made from recycled waste from the sea and we only use packaging that is 100% biodegradable. 

When you support eco-friendly businesses you're helping reduce your environmental footprint by cleaning oceans, clear landfills and reusing waste.

Feel good about your choice because you're also helping reduce carbon emissions.


3. Eat less meat

A lot of us love a good juicy steak! But I have some bad news for our meat lovers out there, our love of red meat is having a pretty negative impact on our planet.

Did you know a single cow produces around 70 -120 kg of methane per year? Worldwide, there are about 1.5 billion cattle. Yikes thats a lot of methane!

Livestock farming accounts for around 37% of the worlds methane emissions.

That doesn’t mean you have to go cold steak? But, eating less meat can have a positive impact on the planet. So try eating more veg and less meat


4. Walk this way

Did you know the global transport sector accounts for a whopping 27% of the total greenhouse gas emissions?

Choosing to walk or cycle can not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but will help you stay fit at the same time! #Winning! 

If walking or cycling isn't an option, then try swapping the car for public transport. This option can make a big dent in emissions, and every little bit helps. Sounds like another win!

5. Other ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Over the last 200 years human activity has REALLY increased our carbon emissions.

Now climate change is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing and is the hardest group project that we have been apart of.

But, if we unite together we can all take small steps to help reduce the effects of climate change. 

Heres how small actions can help: 

  1. Turning off your lights.
  2. Turning off appliances at the wall. 
  3. Save water – turn it off when you brush your teeth.
  4. Recycle, recycle, recycle!
  5. Plant a tree!

These small simple choices can make a real difference and create a healthier planet.



Love youse! 

Clarissa @1Body

📸: Photo by Giphy 

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