Here we go again - another unrealistic body standard for women to keep up with.

The sad truth is with the rise of social media, women of all ages are being blasted with images of what the “perfect” body looks like.

It doesn’t help that society continually tells women what to wear or what is considered beautiful….boo!

I say - ignore what you see on social media and be happy and comfy in your own beautiful skin.

Here are 5 body trends that you should ignore immediately!

1. Thigh gap

Oh, the thigh gap. One of my favs and one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. 

For those who don’t know what it is - it’s the ability to have space in between your thighs when your knees meet.


Sure, some women will have a thigh gap. But it's actually determined by how wide or narrow your hips are, more than anything else. 


If you have wide-set hips, you will most likely have a thigh gap. But, if you’re like me, who has narrow set hips, then your thighs probably touch whenever you walk or run.


Unfortunately, when you have narrow set hits you usually suffer from chafing too.


Welcome to the club friends! To avoid chafing, I usually wear a pair of bike shorts under my dress. Oh, how convenient 1Body has some beautiful bike shorts that can help you. You're Welcome. 


Sure, you could focus on loads of cardio to reduce that beautiful flesh on your thighs in hopes of achieving the gap. But it's more to do with your genes and it's not worth the time.


Instead, focus on eating right to fuel those beautiful legs. 



2. Hip dips


What is a hip dip? Apparently, it's where your hip meets your thighs and everyone has them.


If your hip bone sits a touch higher than your femur, it causes the fat and muscle to curve inwards.


Some people go to extreme lengths trying to get rid of these little dips like surgery or workouts. But there’s not really a muscle there to work out and your genes determine if they're more visible. 


But, they’re totally natural, and you should rock them. Do you know what those little dips would look good in? A pair of 1Body’s Leggings. Opps I did it again.



3. Bikini bridge


Bikini bridge, what is it? Thats a great question!

It’s the space between your bikini bottoms and stomach when you are lying down. 

I know right? Who the heck spent that much time looking at that and then gave it a name…

The truth is you can be the fittest person in the world and not have a bikini bridge.

And if you don’t have one, then, well done! You probably bought the right size bikini for your beautiful body.

Again, don’t focus on dumb stuff like this! Instead, focus on living a healthy lifestyle, working out, eating right, and taking care of your mental health. That’s way more important than having a bikini bridge.

4.Thigh brows

And the newest body trend is drum roll please... the thigh brow! Which has made quite a splash among young women.

But this one is pretty cool. Because, congratulations! We all have them. It's anatomically unavoidable.  

What is it? It’s the creases created at the top of the leg where it meets the torso, and you can see them whenever you bend or sit.


It’s not an indicator of actual health either. So, don’t waste your time trying to achieve a thigh brow with diet or exercise.


How do you show off your thigh brow? What you will need is a super high cut bathing suit to achieve this look. And you’re in luck, because 1Body will be stocking these very high cut swim suits for all your thigh brow needs.


So, stay tuned, they will be dropping soon. Better yet, sign up for our newsletter so you never miss out on the good stuff. 


Yes I did just shamelessly plug 1Body again!



5. Kylie Jenner lip challenge

Story time, I have done this before. 

So what is it? You pretty much stick your lip into a glass and suck the air out to create a vacuum - which creates the lip plumping effect on your kisser. 

I don’t endorse doing this at all. It can and has caused serious injuries like bruising, cuts and permanent damage to your lips. 

Riddle me this? Can YOU see Kylie Jenner sitting there sucking a shot glass to get big lips? I don't thing so. If you want fuller lips that last a while, then go get yourself some lip filler. 

Don’t worry about the features you don’t have or the celebs that seem like they have the perfect body. Let me tell you a secret, the majority of them have a lot of work done to look like that. Oh no did I give it away?

Drew Barrymore Oops GIF by NETFLIX

Final thought

There are a tone more stupid body trends out there. But my advice is don’t listen to any of it. Social media is a lie and the people you are following most likely have work done or edit their images.

Instead, focus on living a healthy lifestyle, looking after your mental health and loving the body you are in. 


Love youse!

Clarissa @1Body

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